Journal Introduction
The Applied Economics Review

The Applied Economics Review implements the Xi Jinping Economic Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. It promotes knowledge innovation based on the international academic frontier, with emphasis on the gains and losses of China's socialist construction from the perspective of academic rationality. The Applied Economics Review aims to provide knowledge increment for economic science, economic development, social progress, and human civilization. It provides a first-class forum for the research of major issues in applied economics, leads the "modernization of traditional disciplines and theorization of emerging knowledge", and provides theoretical analysis and policy suggestions on socialist modernization, economic construction, and reform and opening up This journal mainly focuses on major issues in applied economics and uses standardized academic language to present the excellent academic achievements of the applied economics. It pays attention to the summary and improvement of basic economic rules, the theoretical generalization of experience, and uses the international economic language to describe the Chinese economy by constructing the logical system of China's economics.

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